Best wildlife encounter is what Uganda is well known for. If you are looking for wildlife magic or something that can leave you thrilled, then wildlife safaris in Uganda should be part of your bucket-list experiences. Uganda- The Pearl of Africa offers unusual wildlife encounters thanks to its abundant wildlife species, most of which don’t even exist anywhere else on earth.

Is it mammals (the big five game, primates), reptiles, or birds that you are interested in? A Uganda safari is definitely the answer to every nature lover’s travel questions. Over 331 mammal species (including Buffaloes, Lions, African elephants, Rhinos, and Leopards), primates such as endangered mountain gorillas, chimpanzees, golden monkeys, and about 1080 species of birds, plus countless reptiles and other wildlife make Uganda a favorite destination for wildlife encounters in Africa.

Best places to visit for wildlife encounters in Uganda

The majority of wildlife in Uganda thrives in the National Parks, Wildlife Reserves, and Sanctuaries. This presents Uganda safari travelers with plenty of opportunities to experience the best wildlife encounters in Africa.