Find the most Incredible Adventure Experiences in Uganda, from trekking the endangered mountain gorillas in their natural habitats to breathtaking nature hiking trails, here are some of the incredible adventure experiences in Uganda. Uganda is undeniably a diverse country with beauty beyond comprehension or description in ordinary words. Most times, travelers are spoilt for choice when it comes to incredible adventure experiences.

Whether you are interested in trekking the mountain gorillas in Bwindi Impenetrable and Mgahinga Gorilla National Parks or braving one of the highest bungee jump in the East African region, canoeing or hiking through Lake Bunyonyi, climbing the mountains of the Moon, you will surely be blown away by these incredible adventure experiences in Uganda.

Trekking the mountain gorillas in Bwindi or Mgahinga National Parks

Topping our list of incredible adventure experiences in Uganda is the exhilarating gorilla treks within Bwindi and Mgahinga Gorilla National Parks. You are probably aware/or not that mountain gorillas are only found in three countries (Rwanda, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Uganda), although the last features the highest population of these gentle beasts. This is surprisingly one of the main motivators for visiting the country (referred as the Pearl of Africa) and the entire process usually lasts 2-6 hours including the one hour of observing and photographing these creatures.

Hiking Rwenzori Mountains

Moderate physical fitness is required for this incredible adventure experience in Uganda and it takes 3-9 days of hiking and Camping in rustic huts to reach the snow-capped peaks of the Rwenzori Mountain ranges. The stunning beauty of these snow-capped peaks always leave travellers breathless but the unique flora and fauna as well as Caves, waterfalls and Rocks among others.

Canoe on Lake Bunyonyi

Canoeing on Lake Bunyonyi is usually not high up on adventure seekers on the list for adventure experiences in Uganda but there is nothing as refreshing as discovering the different Islands and pristine shores of Africa’s second deepest Lake on a dug-out canoe. Relish a few hours on the water taking in breathtaking views as well as experiencing unique wildlife especially otters in this remote part of Uganda.

Bungee jumping at the source of the Nile (Jinja)

Situated within the Eastern side of Uganda in the Colonial Town of Jinja lies the tranquil and magical Nile River. This Town is the adventure Capital of East Africa as there is undeniably nothing more calming about hurling yourself off one of the highest bungee jumping platforms in the East African region. Be prepared for an unmatched rush of pure adrenaline as you plunge over 144 feet downwards the Nile River, with the option of kissing or touching its waters. It is very safe to jump here, given the fact that travellers are provided with an option of half or full body harness with ankle connection hence making it one of the smoothest rides.