Sipi falls lie on the edge of Mountain Elgon National Park near the Kenya border, in Uganda, they are found in three districts known as Sironko, Kapchorwa, and Mbale. They are strategically found on the foothills of Mountain Elgon just at the edge of Mount Elgon National Park nearing the Kenyan border with Uganda. The name Sipi was derived from the word ‘sep’ which is a name of a wild banana-like indigenous plant that grows along the banks of the Sipi River, this plant can be used as medicine for treating fevers and measles by local people in that area.

The Sipi falls are comprised of 3 waterfalls each flowing from a different altitude. The highest fall drops from an altitude of 100m referred to as the main fall since it is the last fall in the series, this fall is a little bigger than the other two falls, but all give Uganda beautiful scenery. In fact, most people say that Sipi falls are the ‘most romantic falls’ in Uganda which is evidenced by the wonderful falls.  This area is majorly where most hikes to Mt. Elgon are started from. Hiking up to these falls gives a beautiful scenic view, like Lake Kyoga, the Karamoja low lands, coffee plantations, and other surrounding areas.

The climate in this area is cool since it’s a hilly area and sometimes as individuals are hiking there are rains, which makes hiking a bit hard but it is also an experience of its own, generally, it is a place available for chilling, loosening up and relaxing from the congestion around cities.

The nearby communities have hospitable people and majorly the Sabeyi and Bagishu live around this area and do farming such as growing Arabica coffee which is the major cash crop in this land, this coffee is grown at altitudes between 1600metres and 1900metres above sea level. While their individuals can engage in visiting these plantations, these visits can be organized by local guides in the area.

Sipi falls activities

Visiting Sipi falls offers you a thrilling experience on a coffee farm, visiting the Arabica coffee grown in Bugisu which is around Sipi Falls will enable you to have a look at the Bugisu Arabica coffee which only grows at altitude ranges between 1600 and 1900 meters. You will know lots of information to do with the entire coffee value chain as you will be able to meet the coffee producers, and processors not leave out the exporters and roasters. The profits from such tours are usually put to use for community developments and advancements through local projects.

Hiking the falls offers another great experience of abseiling. Abseiling is one of the other activities you can enjoy while hiking the Sipi falls which are sites at the base or rather foothills of Mount Elgon thus, these Italian adventurers can ably take you around for that activity. This place is called Rob’s Rock, in Jinja. You will enjoy the 100-meter Sipi main fall as you walk. You are also in a position to visit the local waterfalls and take hikes around the local communities